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The demand of Android phones is high in the market. Various companies have launched Android phones at the least prices for the users. Android Phones are doing good business round the world. And to run these Android phones Android Apps are necessary. People are merging hands with Android App Development Companies to design the apps.


This brings offshoring and outsourcing business increasing with a rapid speed. Many companies offshore and outsource their projects to earn more profit.


Difference between Offshoring and Outsourcing:


Outsourcing: it is an organization works for the third party.


Offshoring: a company gets it work done in a different country to get cost benefits.


Offshoring outsourcing is a practice to hire vendors to do their work offshore to get the benefits like low cost, vendor’s expertise and scalable and large labour pool.


Countries and organizations are getting benefited from offshoring and outsourcing in terms of monetary.


Technologies used


Companies working on different technologies like Joomla, PHP, Drupal, HTML, Java and various others for developing Android apps. These technologies are the basis why any entrepreneur chooses your company. Android apps and games are developed using these technologies. A company might get chosen on the basis of its technology.


These technologies are required on Android App Development, though there are many technologies are there but a person is skilled he can walk along with any technology by just understanding it once. Or once he gets the training.


Employee Training is Necessary


Every company has a skilled set of team, who successfully delivers various projects to its clients, that enables the company to mark a niche in the world. But does skill set is everything? No, Employee Training is equally important. Android App Development is a never ending task, clients’ will keep on developing the apps till his company lasts, along with this, technology will keep on changing.


Here, if the employee is not known or does not join hands with the latest technologies coming in the market he will not be able to develop Android App as per clients’ requirements. An Android App Development Company should always provide regular training for their employees so that they learn about the new technologies of the market. Training might takes a bit cost from the company but will provide extra benefits as well. Employees would able to deliver high grade services to their clients and a client will always come to you and also suggest your company in future.

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